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Date Topic of Sermon
08/26/18 "Come Into His Presence for Answers"
09/02/18 "Enter into His Rest"
09/09/18 "Master Over Sin"
09/16/18 "Take All of Him"
09/23/18 "Being Complete"
09/30/18 "How YOU can make a Difference"      
10/07/18 "Rejoice in Remembrance"
10/14/18 "Encouraging One Another!"    Richard Kelly, Guest Speaker
10/21/18 "You Chose ME to Do It?"
10/28/18 "God Reassures He is with Us!"
11/04/18 "God's Definition of Success"
11/11/18 "Every Day a Battlefield"
11/18/18 "Cultivate Gratitude"
11/25/18 "He is Faithful-Hope is on the Way"
12/02/18 "Believe God's Word or Your Senses?"         First Sunday of Advent
12/16/18 "And...We beheld His Glory"                         Third Sunday of Advent     
07/01/15 "The Sleeping Sentry - The Church"
07/08/18 "Daniel's Persevering Prayer"
07/15/18 "For the Little Ones"
07/22/18 "Stay Apart"
07/29/18 "A Half a Day in Church!"
08/05/18 "Where is the Salty?"
08/12/18 "Remember Lot's Wife"
08/19/18 "Avoid Drifting Away"
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