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Date Topic of Sermon
04/07/19 "The Innocent Sentenced to Death"
04/14/19 "A Short-Lived Celebration"  Palm Sunday
04/21/19 "Majesty" - cantata for Easter Sunday
04/28/19 "Proofs of Resurrection"
05/05/19 "You Can't Serve Two Masters"
05/12/19 "Mothers Are Wives First"
05/19/19 "Have You Accepted His Call?"...
05/26/19 "Topple Your Giant"
06/02/19 "God's Call Comes First"   Acension Sunday
06/09/19 "Holy Spirit, We Need More of You"    Pentecost Sunday
06/16/19 Father's Day Message shared by Bill Brown, Guest Speaker
06/23/19 "David Found a Friend to Love"
06/30/19 "America - God Shed His Grace on Thee"
07/07/19 "David Found Compassion in Adullum"
07/14/19 "David Developed Courage at Adullum"
07/21/19 "David Develops Courage in Adullum"
07/28/19 "Hebron:  "The Place of Alliances"
08/04/19 "David's Covenant of Forgiveness with Abner"
08/11/19 "David Made a Covenant with Israel"
08/18/19 "David's 5 Steps to Zion"
08/25/19 "David Prepares for Revival"
09/01/19 "Faith in Full Bloom"
09/08/19 "O Lord, How Majestic is Your Name"
"We Shall Behold Him"
9/22/19 "Still Seeking the Lord?"
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